Property Mediation Services

Splitting property after separation or divorce is a daunting and stressful time for both parties and in times like these, you might need to resolve property disputes among one another.
  • We assist parties in constructive dialogue to address and resolve property-related disputes.
  • We provide unbiased assessments of the property and the situation to help parties understand fair division.
  • We create legal documents that outline the terms of property settlement agreed upon by both parties.
  • We employ techniques to manage and resolve conflicts that arise during the mediation process.
  • We offer information on legal rights and obligations related to property division in divorce or separation.
  • We work to ensure a fair and legally sound resolution.
  • We analyse the financial implications of property division, including asset valuation and potential tax consequences.
  • We provide a supportive environment to address the emotional aspects of property disputes.
property settlement mediation

Mediation in Property Disagreements

Let our expertise guide you through this emotional time.

Navigating property disagreements following a separation or divorce often proves challenging and taxing. During such periods, parties frequently encounter the need to settle conflicts regarding property division. Diverging viewpoints may arise concerning each party’s contribution to the asset pool. Moreover, concerns about future financial security are prevalent.

Such situations can escalate in stress, especially for individuals nearing their retirement years. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the impact of dividing assets on children and aspects like the family residence.

Wife And Husband Splitting Children And House

Fees for Property Dispute Resolution

Our industry-leading competitive fees are transparently listed on our website.

You can begin the process by scheduling a no-obligation initial consultation with one of our accredited Mediators. Following this, complete our online property assessment. After your assessment, we will extend an invitation to the other party for their assessment. Should there be any issues of ineligibility, we will communicate this to you promptly. Once eligibility is confirmed, eligible parties will receive a link to secure their mediation date.

Assets Under Negotiation

Typically, the mediation process involves negotiation over various assets. These include the primary residence, investment real estate, stock holdings, monetary savings, retirement funds, vehicles, watercraft, patents, business interests, trust assets, and much more. Mediators play a key role in helping parties identify what constitutes the property pool, aiming for a resolution agreeable to all involved.

Handling Liabilities

Beyond assets, negotiating debts that have accumulated or are anticipated is essential. Liabilities commonly discussed in family mediation span mortgages, credit card balances, retail financing, unpaid personal loans, private lending, “buy now, pay later” obligations, and familial loan agreements.

The Mediation Conference Approach

Our team comprises seasoned dispute resolution experts with legal expertise, understanding the intricate needs of separating couples and the delicate approach required for property dispute resolution.

Document Preparation Services

For a reasonable fee, we draft property agreements. Clients can then consult their legal advisors to take steps for court enforcement of these agreements.