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Experienced, Prompt, Professional and Cost Effective Solutions.

Nick Richards and his team of mediators are highly experienced in assisting parties in the resolution of family disputes, whether recently separated or whether the parties have been in conflict for some time.

The reason to engage us to assist in your matter:

  • highly experienced in family law matters
  • nationally and internationally accredited
  • prompt, cost effective and structured process
  • success rate of over 90%


Our mediators are FDRP and NMAS qualified ensuring your matter is dealt with by an experienced conflict resolution professional.


Our mediators practice solely in family mediation law mediation and have a demonstrated track record of successful resolution.

Cost Effective

The cost of our mediation services are typically substantially lower than other mediators with the same level of experience.

Flexible Service Delivery

We mediate in-person, online, via teleconference and by shuttle meaning we can mediate for you regardless of your location.


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We offer parenting mediation and parenting plans, in child focused or inclusive formats.
property settlement mediation


We offer property mediation for domestic and international assets for recently separated families.
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We offer a real time documentation service for all agreements met in mediation ready for signing.
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We offer family court certification for parenting and property matters, when required for the family court.
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We have a range of parenting and behavioural change courses available to commence online.


We offer coaching services to assist you for the mediation with our service or elsewhere.

Resolve Amicably, Promptly & Efficiently.

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Why Choose Us?

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Experience & Success Rate

Take advantage of our experience developed and honed through thousands of mediations.

Our mediators have successfully resolved thousands of matters in the family law sector, disputes ranging from custody arrangements, interstate and international relocations, domestic violence, substance abuse and much more.

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Services Available & Prompt Turnaround

Our services are tailored assist you through the process.

Our service covers mediation for parenting, property, grand-parenting, family office matters, sibling conflict and elder abuse.

In addition, we offer our clients the added benefit of documentation, coaching and relevant online courses.

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Benchmarked Competitive Pricing

We operate on a fixed-fee pricing structure with no hidden fees or charges.

All our fees are provided upfront and our mediators work on a fixed fee basis, where you pay as you progress through the process.

You can access our fee structure here.


The process was well structured and I was guided throughout the process and we were able to reach a sustainable agreement for our children.

Jackie – Parenting mediation

We entered into the process of mediation to finalise property and finances. It was a stress free process that was cost effective and prompt. Thank you for your assistance.

Cindy – Property mediation

We were able to develop a parenting plan with the mediator within 4 hours, something which our lawyers had spent months attempting to do without success.

Aaron – Parenting mediation

Our quarrelling was getting worse and worse as time went on. Within a few sessions with the mediator we were all able to move on and get on with our lives.

Adam – Inheritance mediation

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

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