Our service includes mediation of all parenting, property and financial disputes resulting from relationship breakdowns. By mediating with us you, or your clients, will have access to a wealth of experience from conflict resolution specialists.

Mediators for Families is a specialised family law mediation service offering prompt, cost-effective, and professional solutions for resolving family disputes outside of court.

Led by Nick Richards, our team of mediators are highly experienced and nationally and internationally accredited. We handle a wide range of family law matters, including parenting, property, and financial issues arising from relationship breakdowns.

  • We only practice in family mediation
  • We are nationally accredited
  • We can mediate within 7 days
  • We can mediate throughout Australia
  • We are highly experienced

We offer flexible options including in-person, online, and teleconference mediations, and a fixed-fee pricing structure with no hidden charges.

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Choose Mediators for Families for unparalleled expertise in family mediation

Choose Mediators for Families for our unparalleled expertise in family law mediation. Our team specialises in resolving complex family disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are nationally and internationally accredited, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of conflict resolution. With a remarkable success rate of over 90%, our approach is proven to be effective.

Top Level Expertise

Our team have extensive experience in family law conflict resolution and are former legal officers.

Non-Bias Practitioners

We guide parties towards resolution, neutrally and objectively.

Efficient Processes

Our mediation process is developed on the foundation of resolving conflict promptly and cost effectively without the need for litigation.

Tailored Services

We recognise that your circumstances are different, and that’s why we ensure our service is delivered in a manner that’s tailored to the needs of your matter.

Genuine and Compassionate

We aim to reduce the stress throughout the process for you when engaging with us as your legal mediator and will show you respect, empathy and compassion.

Confidential Process

Throughout the process your information will remain confidential and protected throughout your engagement with us.

“Win/win is an attitude, not an outcome.”

Don Boyd


The process was well structured and I was guided throughout the process and we were able to reach a sustainable agreement for our children.

Jackie – Parenting mediation

We were able to develop a parenting plan with the mediator within 4 hours, something which our lawyers had spent months attempting to do without success.

Aaron – Parenting mediation

We entered into the process of mediation to finalise property and finances. It was a stress free process that was cost effective and prompt. Thank you for your assistance.

Cindy – Property mediation

Our quarrelling was getting worse and worse as time went on. Within a few sessions with the mediator we were all able to move on and get on with our lives.

Adam – Inheritance mediation