Family Law Mediation Document Drafting

We understand that parties want to resolve their dispute quickly without being trapped in the family law courts.

At Mediation for Families, we provide a comprehensive document drafting service. This ensures that all agreements reached in mediation are meticulously documented in written form. Such a service offers participants both certainty and peace of mind, knowing their agreements are formally recorded.

Parenting Agreements

Parenting Agreements are legally-binding documents outlining custody arrangements, child support, visitation schedules, and parental responsibilities, providing a clear framework for post-separation co-parenting.

Dispute Resolution Certificates

Dispute Resolution Certificates serve as formal acknowledgements that parties have participated in mediation efforts to resolve their conflict, often required in legal proceedings to demonstrate attempts at amicable settlement.

Section 60I Certificates

Section 60I Certificates are legal documents issued after attending Family Dispute Resolution, certifying efforts to resolve parenting issues before court proceedings, a prerequisite for filing court applications in family law disputes.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans offer a detailed, yet flexible, arrangement for child custody and visitation, covering decision-making, education, health care, holidays, and daily routines, fostering cooperative co-parenting post-separation.
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Our Expertise is your peace of mind

Our team meticulously prepares these documents and forwards them to you or your legal representative. This facilitates the formalisation of agreed terms into a Deed of Settlement or a Court Order by Consent.

In family law, particularly concerning parenting and property issues, our expertise extends to crafting various legal documents. These include Parenting Agreements, which outline the responsibilities and arrangements for child care post-separation. Parenting Plans are also drafted, providing a more detailed roadmap for future parenting. Additionally, we issue Section 60I Certificates and Dispute Resolution Certificates, essential for legal proceedings. Our services further encompass the creation of Mediation Property Agreements and Deeds of Release, ensuring all aspects of property division are clearly and legally defined.

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Navigating Legal Waters with Expertise and Care

Your Pathway to Peace of Mind in Family, Estate, and Employment Law Disputes
  • Our Swift Dispute Resolution aims to resolve disputes rapidly, preventing prolonged involvement in family law courts.
  • Our Document Drafting Service allows parties to document all mediation agreements, ensuring certainty and peace of mind.
  • Family Law Document Drafting includes Parenting Agreements, Parenting Plans, Section 60I Certificates, Dispute Resolution Certificates, Mediation Property Agreements, and Deeds of Release.
  • Our drafting services extend to Heads of Agreement for inheritance and estate law matters.
  • Heads of Agreement for employment law disputes are also offered.
  • Drafted documents are sent to clients or their legal practitioners for formalising into Deeds of Settlement or Court Orders by Consent.
  • Our transparent pricing ensures low costs for clients without hidden ‘potential costs’, offering fixed prices starting at $400
  • Our clients can initiate services by booking a no-obligation consultation with a Lawyer Mediator.